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Blind Date with a Foodie Book

Imagine, your friends set you up on a blind date, you go to a fabulous restaurant with wonderful food, but your date is a bore. Total nightmare right? One female business owner has come up with a novel solution that literally cuts out the middle man - a Blind Date With A Book. You get time out to relax with gourmet food and words to feed your brain, without the awkward small talk with a stranger. Who needs dating apps when you have great literature and snacks?

When you buy a Blind Date With a Book you will receive a handpicked mystery book that is themed around cooking, ingredients, recipes, chefs or something else with a foodie twist. You can pick from fiction, romance or YA genres. To complement the book there will be a selection of edible treats from local producers so that you can enjoy a feast while you feast your eyes!

  • A new paperback or hardback book

  • A delicious foodie snack from a small business

  • A donation to local non-profit to fight hunger

  • Social Good Subscription Box

  • Female Owned Subscription Box

Check Out Your Options


Option 01

Sugar, Spice, and everything nice? For romance books, we're focusing largely on contemporary romances. While I won't reveal ALL the book options for the romance blind date, Simmer Down definetely made the cut!

If you want further recommendations, check out my blog post on Foodie Romantic Comedies I recommend

Option 02

Fiction books have a large range of opportunity for foodie books and topics, but with these, romances are not at the focus. I love picking foodie fiction where family traditions or culture are at the core, with titles such as The Lager Queen of Minnesota: A Novel
Novel by J. Ryan Stradal


Option 3

With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acavedo is the best example of a Young Adult Foodie Blind Date! Another book I've recently featured is Salty, Bitter, Sweet

Young Adult targets readers 12 - 18 but lately we have seen readers expand into their early 20s!  If you want a few examples, check out my blog post.

Option 4

Do you have a little reader in your life? Or maybe, a little one who wants to read more? Consider a Middle Grade blind date with a book. 

Middle Grade books target readers ages 8 - 12  years old before they transition into Young Adult reading. These books are still food-themed and often have great learning lessons from the lead protagonists!


Option 5

Pick up a cozy mystery. Whether set in an ice cream shop or maybe in your abuela's kitchen, I think cozy mysteries are a fun read to grab on a cold wintery night.

Option 6

What is Food Writing? "Food writing is a genre of writing that focuses on food and includes works by food critics, food journalists, chefs and food historians", as per Wikipedia. 

Read a memoir from a premiere chef, learn the history of cheese, or look ahead to the future of food & technology, by trying out a Blind Date with a Book, non-ficiton edition!

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