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Winter Box
Booze & Spirits

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The holidays are just around the corner and who doesn't love a good drink with good friends? For the winter box, we're featuring booze and spirits. We're including a delicious spirits infusion kit and an amazing read about the life behind the bar.



🍸 Shipping Notice 🍸

This product ships OCTOBER 2021

Any purchase after DECEMBER 1, 2021 cannot be guaranteed for a holiday delivery


🍸 The Non-Profit Your Purchase Supports Friends of the Night People🍸

Friends of the Night People have served the people of Buffalo for over fifty years. Our mission is to provide food and necessities to address the effects and impact of poverty.

Those who come for meals all have different stories, whether it’s rebuilding their lives after a natural disaster, experiencing homelessness dealing with deep family issues, or being crippled by addiction. We welcome each person with empathy, compassion, and the desire to help.

Our staff and volunteers truly understand the importance of maintaining the dignity of the individuals that use our services. This is the foundation of a trusting relationship where people are willing to share their story and ask for the help they need to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

🍸 The Book:  Unvarnished: A Gimlet-Eyed Look at Life Behind the Bar🍸

Description from

A Kitchen Confidential for the cocktail profession, Unvarnished is a fly-on-the-wall narrative peek at the joys, pains, and peculiarities of life "behind the stick."

When it opened a decade ago, the acclaimed Los Angeles speakeasy The Varnish--owned, designed, and managed by award-winning cocktail aficionado Eric Alperin--quickly became the stylish standard bearer for modern bars. Unvarnished is a candid, voice-driven, no-holds-barred look at the workings of a bar, and the foundation of The Varnish's success: attention to hospitality and an abiding belief in the nobility of service.

Alperin and veteran bartender and writer Deborah Stoll push back against the prevailing conceit that working in the service industry is something people do because they failed at another career. They offer fascinating meditations on ice as the bartender's flame; the good, the bad, and the sad parts of vice; one's duty to their community as a local; the obsessive, compulsive deliberations of building a bar (size matters); lessons from Sasha Petraske--Eric's late partner, mentor, and the forefather of the modern day classic cocktail renaissance--and the top ten reasons not to date a bartender. At the book's center are the 100 recipes a young Jedi bartender must know before their first shift at The Varnish, along with examples of building drinks by the round, how to Mr. Potato Head cocktails, and what questions to ask when crafting a Bartender's Choice.

A sexy, gritty, honest look at the glamour-less work of a glamorous job, written with the intimate honesty of The Tender Bar, the debauched inside view of Kitchen Confidential, and the social commentary of Waiter Rant, Unvarnished will take its place among these classics of the service set.

🍸 The Food:  Spirit Infusion Kits from In High Spirits Infusions🍸

In High Spirits Infusions makes creating delicious, complex cocktails easy and fun. We bring fresh, innovative flavors to your home bar using unique combinations of dried fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices. We put it in a jar — all you have to do is add the spirits.

This is a small business based out of Salt Lake City, Utah

Handmade, eco-friendly, woman-owned, small batch 

🍸 Custom Coasters made by WNY Book Arts🍸

🍸 Custom Stickers made by Sunbreeze Studio🍸

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