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Hot Sauce Box


As the holiday season rolls around, stay warm with a hot sauce box! As someone who LIVES in Buffalo, NY, home of the chicken wing and a lot of hot sauce I thought this would be a really fun box to create.  This is great for the heat seeker in your life and I'm excited to introduce you to a woman-owned hot sauce company!

🌶️ Shipping Notice 🌶️

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🌶️ The Non-Profit Your Purchase Supports Good Deed Grocery🌶️

The Good Deed Grocery is a FREE Grocery Store for students that is housed in the International Preparatory High School, PS 198 in Buffalo, NY.

The mission of the Good Deed Grocery is to help fill student need outside of school so students are able to have a Good Day each and every day!

This program is part of the Buffalo Public Schools Career and Technical Education program at I-Prep. The grocery store is student-run and student-staffed, all for the benefit of our students! Students helping students through Good Deeds is the premise and promise behind our organization!

The Good Deed Grocery is proud to have partnered with FeedMoreWNY and Rich Products to help bring FREE food and support to students of International Preparatory High School!

🌶️ The Book: Hot Sauce Nation: America's Burning Obsession 🌶️

Hot Sauce Nation is a journey of discovery, delving into history, culture, immigration patterns, and the science of spice and pain. Through the stories of hot sauce makers and lovers, it explores the unique hold the dark prince of condiments has over the American heart. 

🌶️ The Food: Queen Majesty's Hot Sauce Trio🌶️

Proudly made in NYC since 2013, Erica, aka Queen Majesty, is the owner and creator of these Hot Sauces. You might have seen these hot sauces featured on Hot Ones! These are small batch hot sauces and they're also giving back too:​

"It is important to us to not only bring you delicious, healthy hot pepper sauces but to leave the smallest footprint possible while doing so. We take steps every day towards being a greener company and will keep you updated on our progress. Beginning in April 2022, one tree is planted for every product sold on our site, thanks to our partnership with Ecologi. We believe in supporting fellow small businesses and giving back to our community. One of our favorite organizations to work with is Hunger Free America, a nonpartisan, national nonprofit group working to enact the policies and programs needed to end domestic hunger and ensure that ALL Americans have sufficient access to nutritious food."

🌶️ The Food: Bee Sting Honey Sriracha Flavored Chips🌶️

Catch the Buzz! Our Bee Sting Honey Sriracha Flavored Chips contain the ultimate paring of sweet and hot. Natural Bee’s honey combined with the one and only Sriracha Sauce to add in the perfect kick. One bite and you will be stung!

🌶️ Custom Stickers made by Sunbreeze Studio🌶️

🌶️ Custom Bookmarks made by Humdrum Papers 🌶️

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