A Sneak Peek of The Fall and Winter Boxes

Fall Maple Box

What is your favorite season? My favorite season will always be Autumn. I'm an October baby! It's almost a rule! When I think of autumn I'm always excited for sweater weather (insert Taylor Swift song). Now that we live in Buffalo, NY I am counting the days until my husband and I can go apple picking. But you know what else I love about autumn? Maple syrup. One of the few field trips I remember as a kid was going to a farm and learning how to tap maple trees. When I think of all of the many food writing books I've read I realized I haven't read a lot about the maple syrup industry.

I dedicate the Fall Read it and Eat box to Maple Syrup! I won't spoil all the goodies in the box yet, but I hope you are excited. One final question before I move on to the next box. Are you team waffles or team pancakes?

Now onto winter! Let's talk about the holiday season. I think the holidays are always a great time to experiment and give subscription boxes as gifts! When I launched Read it and Eat last year, I picked a Bread Theme and a bread baking kit for the holiday box and people LOVED it!

So I continued to ponder what would be another hands-on box to experience that I could bring to people in the winter. What would be a great gift for someone else? Well, I asked my husband. One of things he loves to learn about is beer, alcohol, and well... booze.

Booze it was! Bars, taverns, pubs, you name it, they are a huge part of the restaurant and food industry. Beverages are a huge part of our global history as well. I found a really interesting book about owning a bar/tavern and a really awesome alcohol-related kit. No spoilers but it's going to be so much fun! Who doesn't want to learn to be a bartender in their own home!

I got some feedback recently that when customers are up for renewals they want to know what is coming in future boxes. I hope this sneak peek will help put people at ease and also get them EXCITED about the upcoming boxes! I will have more in-depth posts for the upcoming boxes as we get closer!

Kim is the founder of Bookmarks & Breadsticks and the creator of Read It and Eat. You can follow her on Instagram and she posts fun witty Non-Fiction Booktube videos on Tuesdays and Saturdays!