Chicago Bookstores

I recently found a list of local independent bookstores in the Chicago area. We already know that I'm a complete book-buying addict, but having a list of stores I can support in my community is amazing.

Every weekend my fiance and I try to find a new bookstore to visit and it's been fun to join so far! Here are a few I have visited so far:

- - - -


What a charming bookstore! I was surprised to see a very in-depth section of LGBTQ+ representation in the back left corner of the store. At the front door, there was a woman who kept a count on the number of visitors inside the store. My fiance and I were only two of ten people so it felt very safe and accommodating. No one rushed us either. You know you're a popular bookstore though when you still have a line out the door.

I give this store such high praises for having a Food Lit section! I don't just mean a single shelf of books (which is pretty common for Barnes and Noble) but an entire section! There's at least an entire bookcase of books I've never seen before. I was so excited to take pictures of all the books I haven't purchased yet. Also, they have a TON of the Edible Series. I am so excited to buy more books for the Edible Series.

- - - -


All of my friends know how much I love Open Books. This is an amazing non-profit that sells used books. The store is open for browsing now five days a week and I've never been inside with more than five people. The staff are behind a glass wall and you have to hold up your books to scan and get checked out.

I have always enjoyed this place. There is free shipping for book orders over $20 dollars. I personally like to check their website because there are ALWAYS new books coming in. If I do find a book I want, especially when a rare book from the Edible Book Series turns up. Once I grab one and pick in-store pickup so I can walk there myself.

You can get a membership for $25 and that annual membership gives one youth a book a month for the entire year!

More bookstores to come!