Crowdfunding Rewards: 3 Exclusive Boxes

Updated: Jan 10

If you haven't heard already, I'm currently crowdfunding to raise $25,000 to help my business and my goal to continue fighting hunger! As part of crowdfunding on IFundWomen I have multiple giving tiers with rewards tied.

Today, I want tell you about three exclusive boxes! This is Read It & Eat, so of course I have some amazing exclusive crowdfunding gifts for you! I created three exclusive boxes that you will only receive as a donor! Each box comes with, per usual, a gently-used food writing book, a delicious foodie treat (supporting small businesses), and $5 from each box from the crowdfunding boxes will be donated to fight hunger in a variety of ways.

You can unlock any of these exclusive boxes by donating on the IFundWomen platform -


The Charcuterie Box - $75

Breadsticks crowdfunding campaign. As a thank you, you have received the Read It & Eat Charcuterie Box, a fundraising EXCLUSIVE box. There's never a bad time for Charcuterie, right?

At the heart of charcuterie are three things, at least in my mind: meat, cheese, and nuts. I've included in this box some amazing snacks & meats from small businesses and we're donating to the Good Meat Project, the non-profit that supports Meat Collectives all over the United States!

The Truffle Box - $100

I will completely admit, I didn't get the hype about truffles at first. Then I read The Truffle Underground and my mind was blown. There is so much culture and history around the truffles. I've included two different truffle treats that you can customize to your liking. Explore! Be Bold!

I also am donating to Big Big Table. This is a new non-profit in Buffalo, NY with a pay-as-you-can pricing model. I want to support new non-profits in my town and I think this model is so accessible. This is quite literally fighting hunger by making the pricing accessible. I'll be using the funds from this box to donate plenty of delicious food for their menus.

The Wine Box - $125

Wine has always been an elusive thing to me. Does this taste like Sonoma? What is terroir? Why am I not seeing any female sommeliers? WINE GIRL by Victoria James opened my eyes to a whole new side of the wine world and also exposed more of its harsh underbelly.

I also am donating to Wine Empowered, which provides professional growth for women an minorities in the hospitality industry. It might not seem like a direct link to fighting hunger but in my eyes, the hospitality industry provides jobs and keeps meals on the table and providing resources for career advancement is a financial way to fight hunger.