How to Tackle the To-Be-Read Shelf - Consider Audiobooks!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I get it, I get it, I have on average twenty to thirty books on the TBR (To-Be-Read) Shelf (Shelves*). How do I pick the order? I have tried many different methods to chip away at that list of books. One of them is audiobooks!

Audible is a great investment - I have enjoyed listening to some amazing books and you can do. You can learn more about Audible here

So if you noticed, I actually have two shelves. One thing I try to do is see if any of my books are available as audiobooks through Audible. Now that we're all at home more, a good deal of my cardio is on a stationary bike. I put on a book and usually check to see how long a chapter is. Is a chapter 30 minutes long? 20 minutes long? It's a great chunk of time. Also, some days on the bike are just about cumulative time and fat burn which are a little bit more leisurely of a pace.

This week I just started Born Round by Frank Bruni. I am only a chapter in and I am already obsessed. As the rounder daughter of three sisters, I can already relate to Frank and we are only through chapter one.

Here's the Audible description for this book:

"Frank Bruni was born round. Round as in stout, chubby, and always hungry. His relationship with eating was difficult and his struggle with it began early. When named the restaurant critic for The New York Times in 2004, he knew he would be performing one of the most watched tasks in the epicurean universe. And with food his friend and enemy both, his jitters focused primarily on whether he'd finally made some sense of that relationship. A captivating story of his unpredictable journalistic odyssey as well as his lifelong love-hate affair with food, Born Roundwill speak to everyone who's ever had to rein in an appetite to avoid letting out a waistband."

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