I've Launched My Patreon!

Bookmarks n Breadsticks has officially launched at Patreon.

There are four basic Tiers

Tier 1: one box a year for $3 a month

Tier 2: Two boxes a year for $10 a month

Tier 3: FOUR boxes a year for $15 a month

Tier 4: Four boxes a year + access to our book club for $25/month

I have been focused on developing a subscription box service called Books n Bread! Each box will come with a book and food! I'm so very excited! My project always has a social good component. My goal is to always donate the "food" item a non-profit as well! This might not make sense in the abstract, so let's use October's box as an example.

Each food & book box will be based on a theme, which will be announced in my Patreon posts. You will always receive:

1. A curated non-fiction food book (Let's say, a book on bread)

2. A food item (Let's say, a personal bread baking kit)

3. A piece of bookish swag (Ex. bookmark or pin)

For every food item sent in a kit, a duplicate will be given to a charity! For example, I will put one bread kit in your box and I will donate one bread kit to a local non-profit and charity. 

I have four different tiers to start!

You can learn about October's box here

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