16 Female Food Memoirs You Should Read

Updated: Aug 23

In honor of March 8th, International Women's Day, I wanted to create a list of 16 memoirs/food books written by females from all across the globe! If you have any recommendations or builds to the list, let me know in the comments!

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Books I Read and Really Recommend!

All quoted material is sourced directly from the descriptions on Bookshop.Org

Killing It by Camas Davis

"Camas Davis was at an unhappy crossroads. A longtime magazine editor, she had left New York City to pursue a simpler life in her home state of Oregon, with the man she wanted to marry, and taken an appealing job at a Portland magazine. But neither job nor man delivered on her dreams, and in the span of a year, Camas was unemployed, on her own, with nothing to fall back on." - She then buys a plane ticket to France and there she starts her journey to become a female butcher.

This is one of my favorite all time books, I mean of all time and I own over 300+ books. Camas' journey to self-discovery and rebirth was touching. Her memoir is what connected me to the Chicago Meat Collective and my own love of butchery and locally sourcing my meats.

Coming to My Senses by Alice Waters

"When Alice Waters opened the doors of her little French restaurant in Berkeley, California in 1971 at the age of 27, no one ever anticipated the indelible mark it would leave on the culinary landscape--Alice least of all. Fueled in equal parts by naivet and a relentless pursuit of beauty and pure flavor, she turned her passion project into an iconic institution that redefined American cuisine for generations of chefs and food lovers."

Alice Waters is also the founder of the Edible Schoolyard Project and a major contributed to the Slow Food Movement! I'm actually a member of the Slow Food Movement Chicago. I actually listened to this as an audiobook and found it to be a pleasurable experience and Alice Waters narrates the book herself.

Black, White, and the Grey: The Story of an Unexpected Friendship and a Beloved Restaurant by John O. Morisano and Mashama Bailey

"In this dual memoir, Mashama Bailey and John O. Morisano take turns telling how they went from tentative business partners to dear friends while turning a dilapidated formerly segregated Greyhound bus station into The Grey, now one of the most celebrated restaurants in the country. Recounting the trying process of building their restaurant business, they examine their most painful and joyous times, revealing how they came to understand their differences, recognize their biases, and continuously challenge themselves and each other to be better.

Confession, I'm actually buddy reading this book in April with another Booktuber! If you want, you can read along with me! I first learned about The Grey on an episode of Chef's Table . So once I saw the episode and then learned this book was coming out I immediately preordered it.

Rebel Chef by Dominique Crenn

"By the time Dominique Crenn decided to become a chef, at the age of twenty-one, she knew it was a near impossible dream in France where almost all restaurant kitchens were run by men. So, she left her home and everything she knew to move to San Francisco, where she would train under the legendary Jeremiah Tower. Almost thirty years later, Crenn was awarded three Michelin Stars in 2018 for her influential restaurant Atelier Crenn, and became the first female chef in the United States to receive this honor - no small feat for someone who hadn't gone to culinary school or been formally trained."

I reviewed this book and Burn the Place, below, in a Book Duos video on my Youtube Channel. So I won't say too much here but I'll tell you I really had to love both books to make an entire video about them!

Burn the Place by Ilana Regan

"Burn the Place is a galvanizing memoir that chronicles Il