My First ONE STAR Review? Taco Planet!

Planet Taco by Jeffrey Pilcher.🌮🌎

Book 34 of the year

/ 5


Unfortunately, this was not the book for me. This #FoodHistory book focuses quite obviously about tacos but starts at the origin of the corn tortillas and takes us all the way to modern 2010s to the era of taco trucks a la Roy Choi.


Full of dense information I would it hard to keep my attention. Tiny moments jumped out like Chili queens and the interesting global expansion of the taco but I wanted to go more in-depth in areas the author glazed over. Give me more on the origin of Taco Bell, of Chili Queens and so on...

Very academic but glad I finished. One of the biggest takeaways is how much taco is a global food. The book declares there no true Mexican cuisine without the imposed colonization of Spaniards and Creoles. But I'm not sure if I believe that.