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This blog post features Garden Girl Studio, one of the many small businesses I've partnered with in the Lemon Box for February. This is the first post in the series and written by the founder, Lauren Weber, who is awesome!

Making Lemonade – Beginnings in Surface Pattern Design with Garden Girl Studio

I remember starting my own business as a child or at least attempting to. I took notes, made price tags, and created beaded keychains all day long. I was determined to succeed. In reality, most kids probably did better with a lemonade stand, but crafting was always my niche. While I did not become a world-famous beaded keychain expert, this experience did spark my dream to start my own business.

Truth be told, I think I’ve always been an artist. I’ve spent years turning my clients' floral design vision into a work of art, designing landscapes by finding the right plants for the right space, creating art quilts to be displayed in national shows, creating gifts and crafts to celebrate life's milestones. But how could I make my artistic passions into a long-term career? And then, I discovered surface pattern design.

What is surface pattern design? The moment I learned about this vast creative niche, my mind went into overdrive. Every day, artists are creating patterns that you see on all kinds of products:


linens & kitchenware






wrapping paper

art & wall décor

The list is endless! Why couldn’t I create these patterns?? So, I did. Garden Girl Studio began to bloom.

My first design collection, “Making Lemonade,” is a nod to youthful, entrepreneurial beginnings and a reminder to find something bright, even when life gives you challenges. I am honored to share a mug rug from my “Making Lemonade” fabric collection in the upcoming “Read it and Eat” Lemon box. I hope you enjoy this lemon-y goodness, and forever find joy in making lemonade.

Lauren Weber

Owner - Artist - Designer - Quilter

Garden Girl Studio

Website: https://gardengirlstudio.com/

‘Making Lemonade’ Spoonflower Collection: https://www.spoonflower.com/collections/418521-making-lemonade-by-garden_girl_studio

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