🍋 The Lemon Box Series 🍋 JJPrinted + Sunbreeze Studios

Hello, my lovely subscribers, readers, and supporters, happy February! Have you been enjoying the lemon series so far? I have had such a wonderful time getting to know all of my small business partners better throughout the series. This is the final installation of this series focusing on two more small business partners!

I am now shipping orders for the Lemon Box!

🍋 JJ Printed 🍋

When I create my boxes for Read It and Eat, I try to imagine and curate boxes with useful items that subscribers will use. That's not to say I don't love a good candle or bookmark, but I found with other subscription boxes, all I was getting felt ornamental and not purposeful. So I wanted to find an item in the kitchen that involved lemons. That's when I thought of the juicer! I already use my juicer all the time. I used to buy pre-made bottles of lemon juice and lime juice but have always read that fresh is always better.

I was unable to find a supplier local to Chicago who made affordable juicers that fit the box so of course I went to Etsy! I sometimes feel like Etsy is the Google of the arts and small business world. That was how I came in contact with JJPrinted.

We are JJPrinted! We make high-quality 3D printed objects. We contributed the Yellow Citrus Juicer to the box. We are two brothers who took our childhood dream to start a 3d printing empire into reality with us now having printers in 2 different US states allowing us to get cheap valuable products to Americans made by Americans.

🍋 Sunbreeze Studio 🍋

If you ordered the new lemon box, you might have already met my new friend, Toasty!

Toasty is the official mascot for Bookmarks & Breadsticks and they love everything delicious and bookish.

Sunbreeze Studio is, transparently, owned by younger sister and her partner Tim! They're fantastic people who are trying to start their own sticker business. Right now they only have custom orders available but I'll be sure to update you when the shop is up and running.

My hope is to partner with them long-term so you can also get an additional sticker in each box. In the lemon box, not only do you get Toasty, but you also get a lemon friend! There is a pomegranate friend in the Persian box as well!

Please show them some support and follow them on Instagram!

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