Come Catch My Talk at the COLLABORATE Summit!

During the COLLABORATE Summit, nonprofit organizations, community leaders, and experts will come together — virtually — to share resources that will elevate and strengthen our community. I’m excited to share that I’ll be speaking at the Summit and look forward to sharing my resources to help nonprofit organizations fulfill their missions to help more people. Learn about the COLLABORATE Summit and register at

My Topic is below!

Session Title: The Millennial Dollar: Where I Shop and Who I Support Matters

Gone are the days of writing an annual check to a non-profit as a form of “doing good.” Now we operate in a world of charitable living where with every purchase we make (we, because I too, am a millennial), we want to have an impact. We believe it is our duty, our responsibility, and a reflection of our personal values.

When I launched my business in May of 2020 (yes, Covid times) social good was at the core of my business. My subscription box is built on food and with every purchase there is a donation to a non-profit that fights food scarcity and hunger. I want to show everyone that you can make a profit while supporting non-profits.

How are you actively giving back to the community? I personally love buying merchandise that has a donation component. I like small bursts of support versus a large check at the end of the year. But is that the same for you?

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