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A new year will be upon us, let's lay some new seeds and start anew. Our spring Read It & Eat box is focused on fruits & seeds! This book & food subscription box is extra special because it includes entirely Buffalo-based businesses!

Did you know that the #2 Goal of the United Nations is Zero Hunger. To do so, the UN outlined multiple key targets under that goal and one focused entirely on food and seed diversity:

"2.5 By 2020, maintain the genetic diversity of seeds, cultivated plants and farmed and domesticated animals and their related wild species, including through soundly managed and diversified seed and plant banks at the national, regional and international levels, and promote access to and fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the utilization of genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge, as internationally agreed."

This is why I was SO inspired to create this fruit & seeds box and work with the African Heritage Food Co-Op. We can all do our part and plant some seeds this spring also learn how to harvest them ourselves and preserve this seeds!"

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🧀 The Non-Profit Your Purchase Supports Slice Out Hunger🧀

Slice Out Hunger is a volunteer-driven nonprofit that has raised over $1.3M to fund hunger relief efforts around the US since 2009. Our founding principle was simple: use food donated by pizzerias to raise money for local hunger relief organizations.

🧀 American Cheese: An Indulgent Odyssey Through the Artisan Cheese World by Joe Berkowitz 🧀

Joe Berkowitz loves cheese. Or at least he thought he did. After stumbling upon an artisinal tasting at an upscale cheese shop one Valentine’s Day, he realized he’d hardly even scratched the surface. These cheeses were like nothing he had ever tasted—a visceral drug-punch that reverberated deliciousness—and they were from America. He felt like he was being let in a great cosmic secret, and instantly he was in love.

This discovery inspired Joe to embark on the cheese adventure of a lifetime, spending a year exploring the subculture around cheese, from its trenches to its command centers. He dove headfirst into the world of artisan cheese; of premiere makers and mongers, cave-dwelling affineurs, dairy scientists, and restauranteurs. The journey would take him around the world, from the underground cheese caves in Paris to the mountains of Gruyere, leaving no curd unturned, all the while cultivating an appreciation for cheese and its place in society.

Joe’s journey from amateur to aficionado eventually comes to mirror the rise of American cheese on the world stage. As he embeds with Team USA at an international mongering competition and makes cheese in the experimental vats at the Dairy Research Center in Wisconsin, one of the makers he meets along the way gears up to make America’s biggest splash ever at the World Cheese Awards. Through this odyssey of cheese, an unexpected culture of passionate cheesemakers is revealed, along with the extraordinary impact of one delicious dairy product.

🧀Cheese Making Kit from Urban Cheesecraft🧀

Urban Cheesecraft makes DIY cheese kits for both dairy and dairy-free cheeses (vegan and Paleo). Our kits are all for beginners and come with the key ingredients and supplies for success in under an hour making them ideal for first timers and gift-giving!

We are a Latina woman-owned business based in Portland, Oregon. Claudia Lucero is the founder and cheesemaker.

You'll learn to make cheese in under 30 minutes with the Mini DIY Cheese Kit

  • Our Mini Cheese Kit is the perfect starting point for beginners, kids and busy families. Enjoy your fresh cheese within 30 minutes! It is easy and quick to use but it is packed with fun and delicious possibilities.

  • Farmers' Cheese is perfect to use as crumbles on anything from tacos, to salads, to bowls of chili - you can even shape it into a little wheel. Think of it as a mild feta or queso fresco

🧀Mini Cheese Spreader & The Luxe Collection Camembert Cheese Spread from Joceyln & Co🧀

It's a mini spreader perfect for our soft spreadable cheeses, tapenades, jam and mustards 

Our white cheddar and camembert cheese spread are so amazing! Shelf-stable and amazing in gift baskets and perfect for wineries. Best by date: 1/23. We recommend serving chilled. Refrigerate after opening.

Jocelyn & Co. was created by gift basket industry designer, Debbie Quintana and named after her sweet granddaughter, Jocelyn. Jocelyn & Co. was designed to provide gift basket and box curators with a high-quality product in attractive packaging that works in all gift basket designs. With over 20 years of experience in the gift basket industry, her passion is demonstrated through her daily adventures to help uplift the gift basket industry and the launch of Jocelyn & Co. is a demonstration of her efforts.

🧀 Custom Stickers made by Sunbreeze Studio🧀

🧀 Custom Bookmarks made by SparkMarks🧀