Food is Fundamental

My name is Kimberly and I love everything food.  I've spent the past five years working in consumer product goods, which means, I have helped launch some of the food you eat. I've worked on plant-based milks, Planters snack nuts, and currently Halo Top ice cream. Within my career I balance creative marketing, trends and insights, and actual product development.

While advancing my career I really started to recognize how disconnected I was to my own food. Where did my food come from? Who was making my food? What was in my food?

I decided to expand my knowledge outside of my workday. This involved a lot of reading, writing, and research. It started with visiting grocery stores and purveyors specializing in local food. I started to take culinary boot camps, butchery classes, and techniques. I also had an unpaid internship with Food Tank to learn and write about food sustainability and food scarcity.

So what am I doing with all this new knowledge?


Back in May 2020, I launched my Youtube Channel to review and connect with other non fiction readers. I specialize entirely on food books an food writing. I also review fiction books with food at the focus as well.

In 2020, I launched Bookmarks & Breadsticks, LLC and launched my Read It & Eat boxes. These boxes reconnect people to food in three ways: introduce people to new foods,  support small food purveyors and small businesses, and give back by fighting food scarcity and hunger. These books play in the realm of non-fiction food writing books like chef memoirs, food history, and social politics.


$5 from every box is used in partnership with non-profits in Buffalo, New York, where I currently reside with my husband and two cats! 

In September 2021, I launched Blind Date with a Book. This is a perfect little gift giving tier for $25. The three components are similar to my other boxes, but focus on fiction books ranging from Romance, Young Adult, Fiction, Middle Grade, and Mystery.  Why did I introduce fiction books? I did because I think the stories of the people behind the food and recipes is equally important. The stories can connect us to new cultures and worlds and also reconnect us to our own heritage.

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