Our Upcoming box is lemons!

When Does it Ship:

We should start shipping by February 1, 2021

The Book: Lemons: An Edible History  by Toby Sonneman

"You can squeeze it, zest it, slice it, juice it, pickle it, or even take a bite out of it as Sicilians do. Adding freshness and flavor to food and drinks, this versatile sour fruit, also known for resolving diverse health and household troubles, has long been considered vital to Mediterranean and European cookery and cuisine."


The Food: Orange Marmalade with Lemon Sampler

From Quince & Apple: "If a preserve can be sunny, this one definitely is. Bright and citrusy with notes of lemon and ginger, it walks the perfect line between sweet and bitter and finishes like a sweet summer day."

The Non-Profit You're Supporting: Love Fridge Chicago

The Love Fridge is a Chicago-based initiative created to nourish our communities through mutual aid by offering solutions to food scarcity and food waste. Powered by kindness, generosity, and most importantly, love, we firmly believe that feeding oneself is not a privilege, but a right.

The Goodies Inside:

Enjoy a mug rug, or quilted coaster, by Lauren Weber of Garden Girl Studio

- perfect for hosting a warm beverage and your favorite treat. The lemon print fabrics are part of Lauren's "Making Lemonade" fabric collection found on Spoonflower.com, and the mug rug is homemade with care in her upstate New York quilting studio. Visit gardengirlstudio.com today for more surface pattern designs and homemade gifts!

Enjoy a beautiful eco-friendly lemon bookmark from SparkMarks:

My name is Hanna and I am the owner/creator of SparkMarks, an eclectic online boutique of handmade bookmarks. The online shop features a variety of unique options from the type of tassel to the aesthetic paper patterns and textures-all with a thick sturdy feel to last a while. I hope your love for reading grows and you enjoy using SparkMarks as much as I love creating them!

A 3-D printed citrus juicer from JJPrinted. JJPrinted is a brother-duo based in New York with high-quality 3-D prints. All of their work is made in the USA. The two opened their store in 2017