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Let's Read & Eat

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A culinary adventure that comes perfectly curated for you. These boxes are themed and contain a food writing book, three to five snacks and goodies from small businesses, a a donation to fight hunger.

  • A curated themed box around a food or culinary technique

  • A food-themed book

  • 5+ food-related treats including kitchen items, snacks, and DIY kits

  • $5 donation to fight hunger

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Blind Date With A Book

This culinary adventure is a complete surprise! These boxes come with a wrapped surprise-book from the genre of your choosing and includes a snack from a small business plus a donation to fight hunger. While the book is a surprise, food is still a central theme to every story.

  • A surprise wrapped book (you pick the genre!) with a hint on the front

  • A delicious snack from a small business

  • $3 donation to fight hunger

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