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It's December 19th and I have officially shipped all of my Bread Boxes and my holiday presents. Phew, can you believe it? I finally have a moment to reflect on what I've learned since launching the Read It and Eat box in September. What did I learn? (Hint, a lot).

One thing that has been top of mind is the mission behind Read It and Eat. Do I want people to read more food writing books? (Yes). Do I hope people Like/Subscribe to my Booktube channel, Bookmarks & Breadsticks as well? (Yes, please do that). But most importantly, do people begin to recognize the power of their dollars and purchases? YES.

I strongly believe in supporting small businesses and non-profits. I hope we can invest our dollars back into our communities and not into the pockets of large corporate organizations (ahem, Amazon). But look, I'm not here to preach perfection or a full boycott... what I want to do is encourage and introduce others to the small businesses and non-profits that make me happy and create amazing and delicious products.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be hosting guest blog posts from the numerous contributors of the Lemon Box. So far I have four small businesses committed to the lemon box and we will be donating organic lemons to the non-profit The Love Fridge Chicago. I have an article on Food Tank featuring the Love Fridge Chicago and I'll be sure to repost and link to it once that article is live!

Also, 2021 is bringing some big changes for Books n Bread, like Toasty! Meet Toasty!

Toasty mascot
Hi, My Name is Toasty

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