Don't Give Up, Do Good! Why Your $5 Donation Matters

For every hard day of running a business, I have to remember why I got into this business to begin with. I have an unofficial motto of "Don't give up, do good!"

Hey all - It's Kim from the Founder's Desk. I can't believe it's already Mid-October and I'm hustling to get ready for the craziest busiest holiday season ever. I'm sending all the pre-orders for the Winter Spirits Box this week! I have 65 boxes already packed in the basement ready to go. I'm currently printing off packaging slips during my lunch break (I still have a regular 9-5). There are definitely days where I'm hard on myself because I feel like there is always so much to do and not enough brain power to go around.

One of the benefits of pre-orders is having an ongoing cashflow dedicated to my non-profit partners. As a reminder, $5 for every Read It and Eat box, is allocated to fight hunger in partnership with non profits in my area. For the Winter box, I am working with Friends of Night People.

Friends of Night People recently opened their new food pantry and I knew now was the time to bring my first wave of food donations to them! I had twenty pre-orders in my system for $5 x 20 = $100 on hand.

Thankfully there wasn't a Bills game on Sunday! My husband and I dashed to the store and we were in luck, there was a sale! Canned beans were on sale for $0.52 a can! I could not believe my luck. After checking with the Wegmans team, my husband and I loaded 196 cans into our shopping cart! We were able to grab 48 kidney beans, 48 cans of garbanzo beans, and 96 cans of black beans.


I honestly got live out my dream of being on Supermarket Sweep! It was way too much fun to know I could put as many cans as I could fit (neatly) into my shopping cart!

When I got to checkout, the poor teenager at the register looked a little overwhelmed. But I thought ahead! I simply explained "Just scan one can for each bean and then multiply it in the system." Instead, she ended up just scanning each bean time the 48 or 96 times instead of keying it into the computer. But hey, it worked, right?

All in all, we managed to buy 196 cans of food for $99.87! UNDER BUDGET

You helped do that! YOU DID GREAT!

The Friends of Night People's new food pantry should be opened by the time this blog post is up. But it was a really cool experience to show up and essentially see the store still in unpack and setup mode (this picture above from my phone). The team members I met were really impressed and super gracious to see these donations come in!

We also spoke about potentially hosting book clubs in the future to help the local community reinvest in reading and the donation component would be a really fun way to get kids involved. Maybe a "Give a can, get a book" model!

So that's what I have for now - I hope you will consider grabbing your OWN Winter Spirits Box. My hope is by the end of year to have donated 500+ cans to Friends of Night People.

Will you help me get there?