🍋 The Lemon Box Series 🍋 Quince & Apples

This blog post features Quince & Apples, one of the many small businesses I've partnered with in the Lemon Box for February. This is the third post in the series and written by the founder, Clare, who is awesome!

This is Kim, just for a moment! I wanted to say hello and thank you SO MUCH for supporting this blog series and showing a lot of love for all of our contributors! Please continue to like, comment, and share articles so we can get the word out about our Lemon Box! I think it would make a pretty tangy Valentine's Day Gift!

Delicious Marmalade with Lemons, A Family Affair

Tell us about yourself! Who you are, what item are you contributing to the box?

[Clare] We’re a small-batch maker of artisan foods. Everything we make, you’d find brightening up the shelves at your local cheese shop. This box contains our Orange Marmalade with Lemons preserve.

We make this preserve by peeling the zest and pith off whole oranges and lemons, adding back in the exact right proportion of zest, and hand-stirring in open pots. It’s bright and sunny with a kick of ginger and a slight bitter note.

This preserve is for traditionalists, eat it with an English muffin or baguette in the morning. It’s also great with a strong, salty cheese like asiago!

How did you start your business?

[Clare] My husband, Matt, got his culinary degree and was working in restaurants. He decided he wanted to get out of the crazy restaurant lifestyle, and started working for Potter’s Crackers here in Madison. (They make awesome crackers.) He realized he wanted to do something along the same lines.

We started out making pots of preserves at night in the cracker kitchen until we were able to build out our own space. Matt had the creative streak, but he needed an organized partner. That’s where I came in – I have a business and food background, so it was a perfect match.

What is your favorite way to eat or use lemons!

[Clare] Great question! I would say fresh lemonade in the summer made with simple syrup. I learned that technique last year and it gives the lemonade the best cold freshness and texture! For the winter, I love to pile a lot of lemons on a fish filet and bake it in the ceramic pot.

You can learn more about Quince & Apple by following them on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quinceandapple

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quinceandapple/

Website: https://www.quinceandapple.com/