We All Love Ice Cream

Let’s cut straight to the chase:

We all love ice cream.

With the sizzling summer sun blazing its way across our horizons, it’s only fitting to match the season, right?

Let’s take a look at this season’s Read It and Eat subscription box with all the sweet goodness coming your way!

What’s Ice Cream Got to Do With It?

Every day is sundae when you’ve got ice cream toppings, is it not?

Whether you’re a soft-serve kind of person or more into the scoops, you’re sure to make good use out of the hot fudge and caramel sauces from Coop’s, complete with rainbow sprinkles on top from Confectionary House.

What’s So Special About That?

We always keep a focus on local artisans products. At this time, I’m transitioning to New York to be closer to family, so I wanted to put a focus on shops out there.

The sauces from Coop’s are made in small batches and come as a partnership with WOW (Working Opportunities for Women.)

WOW is a startup company offering opportunities for women who are homeless, particularly those with children. Their education, support, and employment helps empower and strengthen women. If that’s not sweet enough, just wait until you get a taste of this fudge.

For real.

And Just What is a Good Ice Cream Flavored Book?

It’s like you know me so well.

Get your ice cream bowls ready, make that sundae exactly how you want it, then curl up with Sweet Spot by Amy Ettinger.

This surprisingly addictive read chronicles Amy as she explores her obsession with ice cream (same) across the United States in search of the best artisanal brands.

On top of that, there’s quite a rich history with ice cream that’s also examined throughout the text.

But, seriously — have a bowl of ice cream ready. Otherwise, you’re going to have to stop after the first chapter to go get some anyway. No need to disrupt your reading when you can just be prepared for it from the off!

Please remember that Read It and Eat also works with used or overstocked books, so there might be some extra loving or scuffs, but all books come in very good condition.

Wait, Do I See an Ice Cream Themed Bookmark?

You sure do!

Come on, you think we wouldn’t throw some sprinkles on every page we could?

Back for a second time, we paired up with SparkMarks for this exclusive ice cream bookmark.

Don’t you just love being part of the backstage like that?

And just to cap it all off, Sunbreeze Studios has included our little Toasty sticker alongside the cutest little ice cream sticker you’ll ever see in your life.

Where Can I Get My Hands Sticky?

You can head over to the Bookmarks and Breadsticks shop to purchase this season’s subscription box!

Outside of the current subscription box, you can also purchase previous boxes at a discounted rate while supplies last. Plus, if you can’t get enough of Toasty, you can buy that sticker individually for all of your friends.

Thank you for your interest in Bookmarks and Breadsticks and supporting local and artisanal products. We hope you enjoy these sweet treats just as much as we do!


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Written by Andrew J. Stillman. You can travel the world with him at Life in Another World, get writing tips from him at Get Write On In, or hire him for yourself at AndrewJStillman.com

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