For the Love of Peanut Butter and Ice Cream

For every summer ice cream box sold a donation is made to FeedMore WNY. I can admit it is sometimes hard to imagine what a donation can look like. I know, I know, I've been that jaded consumer too. Where does my money go? Does it matter? I'm here to tell you yes, your donation matters. As for what your donation looks like? It looks like 50 jars of peanut butter.

I had reached out to FeedMore WNY in the past to let them know about the donation component of the ice cream box. I normally operate independently; once I sell the boxes, I either write a check or head to the grocery store by myself and then document the journey on social media for ya know, accountability! If a non-profit partner wants to share with their community, I'm always honored, but it's no way a requirement for a partnership. I've always believed if you have the means to help, you help, even if no one throws you a parade.

At the beginning of June I was scrolling through social media and saw that FeedWNY was hosting a peanut butter drive! Their Spread the Love campaign was a call for peanut butter urgently. Peanut butter might not have a direct connection to ice cream unless it's your flavor or topping of choice. But seeing an urgent need, I moved into action.

Source: FeedMoreWNY Instagram

You might be asking yourself, why peanut butter? I can only speak from my limited volunteer experience with other food pantries but peanut butter is a juggernaut in food pantries. Peanut Butter is shelf stable, can be stretched our spread out (see what I did there?) over multiple meals, and is filled with healthy fats and proteins. It's a nutritious item that is easy to convince kids to eat.

My mom happened to fly into town and she jumped in the car with my husband and I. We were off to the races. Apologies to the poor Wegmans employee who had to put together my Instacart order of 50 jars, but I did write in my notes "For Charity" so hopefully he smiled knowing he was helping. What better way to bond with mom than show her the true #Buffalove of Buffalo?

We pulled into a parking lot and when I announced we were donating 50 jars of peanut butter I think the team was initially a little shocked. But there was lots of help and thank yous all around. I share those "Thank Yous" with you! Your purchases matter, and knowing we can help support the local community brings me so much happiness and joy. I hope you can share in this joy and the next time you see a donation station set up in front of a store, consider the power your dollar could have on someone's life.

Clearly More than 50 Jars, But Pretty Cool!!


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